Sunday, November 9, 2014


This weekend went with Linda to a quilting retreat. Picked Linda first up and we went to a small place in the country called Gatton. Where they had a show called "Christmas in the country". Had some lunch there and went on to the retreat. The retreat was in Edmund Park(Adventure Education), Thornton. Unpacked the car, made my bed.
The dormitory inside:
On both sides are cubicles and each cubicle can have 4 people. We were in the second on the left. Bed made:
For our sewing room we had to walk to the other side. Our dining room was under the pergola and an excellent view
Done a bit of sewing:
On the Saturday we saw a lizard. The area around the community hall was burned a bushfire had gone through it.
When the quilt was finished I started on the gollyville only the last 2 kits have to be done. Got the buildings all laid down and when I was satisfied with it, ironed it down.
Sunday after lunch we packed up and went home, brought Linda home. Thanks Linda for the company. When I checked my email found a mail from Zeva, my dog who was staying in a kennel. Hi Mum/Dad, I’m enjoying my holiday at Animal World Pet Resorts and just wanted to say hello...
This place is great and the team of pet lovers are doing a great job. Be assured they are making every effort and doing their best to make my stay a happy, safe and comfortable one. I hope you are also enjoying your time away, and try not to miss me too much! I look forward to seeing you upon your return when I may jump up and down or act really excited liked I missed you? Love Zeva PS: I have been trying really hard to be good so maybe you will bring me back a present?

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Goodbye washingmachine, goodbye fridge

Nearly 2 year ago daughter moved in and she had also a fridge and washingmachine however they were standing in the garage and gathering dust. When she was told, she had the job in Scotland, she rang the bat hospital on the Gold Coast and donated both. Lots of time passed and it was still not collected. When daughter had left, started cleaning the fridge as I had told her when not collected before you leave, going to sell it.
After I started to clean, told daughter what I had done and was nearly ready to sell, the next day I got a telephone call, they could pick up next week the fridge and washer. Today they came got everything. Here they go:
Picked up by Trish and son. They just came from the RSPCA(animal welfare) and got injured bats and possums. Now I can start sorting through what is left and try to find some bed linen. Will sell as much as possible and get rid of what is left.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Scatterbrain or brainscattered

Yesterday I was hurrying to get to Boonah so I could meet the BWB ladies, was around 10am there after a nice drive. Was close to the café where we were to meet and suddenly realised it was the wrong Monday. We meet the 3rd Monday of the month and it was the 2nd. Still had a nice cup of coffee and piece of buttercake with blueberries and a dot of cream. The café was The Story Tree Café had a read in a book. Next week I will be back again. Main street in Boonah.
On my way back took the back road and did some shopping in Orion Shopping Centre in Springfield which about 20km from home. My shopping:
Last week have been very busy. Had on the monday a meeting with the Dutch Radio group of 4EB fm98.1 and made a new schedule up for the coming month. That weekend we had a radiothon and we raising money for the station. We need very badly more studios. The radio is getting too small. You can also listening to the radio Live and Ondemand. On the Wednesday there was again an Instuif in the city. Always great to see every one there. Thurday was quilting day. Fridat went to the quilting show in the ConventionCentre in Southbank. Always a pleasure to see this.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

History repeat itself

This morning I have brought Alice to the airport. She got a job in Glasgow and will be living there for some time. When 29 years old I left the Netherlands and she is now at the same age and leaving Australia.
Last nite she has been packing her bags and in the morning all she had to do was weighing them to see if it was the correct weight. Off course it was too much and she took a bit out. The weight, we got home was 43.5 kg. By the check-in it was exact 45kg. About 9.15am we left home for the airport and we arrived about 10am. Dropped her off at the departing area and parked the car. The parking fees are extortionate high.
After dropping the suitcases off at the flight counter, Alice had breakfast and me a coffee. Went back because she had only 3 boarding passes and needed 4. In Abu Dhabi she can get the last boarding pass as here they have no access to it. Got some English money and went through customs as she had still some business to do.
Statue at the airport. Have a safe flight.
Rainbow lorikeets in the grevillea. Next to my pergola.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

quilting weekend

This weekend i went to a quilting retreat. Went to a new venue in Thornton, it is an adventure camp. Schools make use of it during the week. The accommodation is basic. It is just what you need for a weekend, a bed and meals provided for and we can just sit down and keep sewing. It was a nice country drive. Took a different way back and found it much easier to drive.

The outlook from the pergola was magnificent. We were quit high up. At nighttime it became quit cool. All our meals we had alfresco.

Had a lot of ufo's with me and hoped to finish them. Friday night I had the 1st one ready, a stable bag.

After the stable bag, went to work on the puzzle blocks quilt. The templates of each star was send by email to me and with that had to make the stars. The only thing left was the binding. Got that done.

The last quilt i got finished is Hilde's mystery quilt. You get every time a new pattern to make, the colours and fabrics are you own choice. The last part is how you have to put it together. Well Rudy you wanted to see my upside down sun. Here it is. When you have daylight it is here night. So here is my upside down sun.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Have a couple of tops to the stage of quilting. They are sand witched and i have started already on them. Have been working on them for a couple of years and they have to be finished.

A lot of quilting is done already and now will I put the leaves on or leave them of?

This gollywog quilt is a work in progress

Not so long ago when I moved from house, I had been cleaning out an awful lot and have started again.
Here is how to get rid of a kitchen chair. You need only a spanner, sledge hammer and the wheelie bin.

Last month I got a new lounge suit and the old one had to go. Have no pictures of those but they went also in the wheelie bin. It could not all go once , it took 2 weeks. The foam out of the back of the chairs is in use by the dogs, mine and DD.